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A Silver Lining - How to wash silver or silver plated items

As we well many silver or silver plated items, a lot of our customers have inquired how to clean these items.  A question that we get asked a lot is whether the item will "change colour".  Indeed, the item will change colour, and will require steps to return it to its original splendour.  Here is the simple process we use ourselves to keep our silver polished and sparkling (this is only for silver and not silver jewelry with other materials on it):


1. boil water (the amount depending on how much jewelry you need to clean)

2. put a piece of aluminium foil at the bottom of a glass bowl (container) large enough to put in your jewelry

3. put a tablespoon of baking soda onto the aluminium foil

4. pour the just boiled water into the container and mix well

5. place your silver items into the mixture and stir it for 2-5 seconds or until you are satisfied

6. dry the items thoroughly 

You should be able to see the results within seconds of putting the items into the mixture (almost immediately). 

Let us know how you do with our steps or share how you keep your silver polished!


October 02, 2018 by Kingston Li

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