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Welcome to the world of Anne~

ANNE LOVES is a millennial brand founded in 2015 that brings the imaginative and beautiful world of Anne Shirley (from the popular book series by Canadian author Lucy M. Montgomery) to the 21st century. 

Like Anne, we have a nostalgia for mornings when we can wake up to the sounds of birds chirping and walk out from our front door to whispering trees and shining lakes where we can let our imagination run wild.  Run wild we did, and started to collect things wherever we travel that we believe would add beauty and bring joy to someone somewhere in the world.  We all love beautiful things, because well, you know, "one can dream so much better in a room where there are pretty things"!

Since then, we have begun to design our own collection consisting of embroidered t-shirts, towels, re-usable bags and more! 

We at ANNE LOVES are dedicated to bringing you only the most beautiful and well-made pieces made and with the most affordable price tags. 

 So, Shop Well and Talk to our Customer Service if you have any questions about anything!~